Safety and Security Tips For Small Businesses

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Safety and Security Tips For Small Businesses

Merchandise loss is one of the biggest problems for American retailers, and especially for small businesses. Indeed, one larceny/theft occurs every 5.1 seconds in the United States. The fear of theft is very real for many business owners and can lead to the shutdown of some small businesses.

Luckily, there are many affordable and convenient ways to better ensure business safety. They range from installing window gates to access control software. Check out some of the best and most widely used safety techniques for small businesses below:

Guard Your Key
Only give the key to your business to your most trusted employees and if you do, make sure to keep track of it and get it back if they are terminated or otherwise leave your employment. If you are not able to get a key back, change all the locks. Make sure you have an emergency locksmith for businesses on speed dial if something like this ever happens.

Install Cameras
Robberies are much less likely to occur if some sort of surveillance system is in place. Even if cameras don’t deter thieves, they will capture them in the act and make it much easier to find and prosecute them. It will also help you get the most from your insurance claims if this is applicable. There are even more benefits — you can now effectively keep an eye on your employees, even when you aren’t there.

Get An Alarm System
An alarm system in tandem with a surveillance system will help prevent or arrest thieves if they make it into your store. It can also help employees who might be in danger if a thief is violent or careless. There is no reason to take risks when it comes to the health and safety of your employees or customers — get an alarm system and help will be on their way as soon as it’s triggered.

From an emergency locksmith for businesses to specially designed cameras, there are many ways to keep your business and investment safe. Don’t hesitate to invest in protecting your assets.

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