High Security Locks and Home Intruder Prevention

high security locks

High Security Locks and Home Intruder Prevention

Home security is a huge issue for many people. Depending on where you’re from, you never leave anything unlocked — your home, your car, your anything. Your greatest fear is to come home one day after work and find that your home has been robbed, so you’re always double and triple checking. The truth is, you have good reason to: there’re about four burglaries every minute in the U.S., and they’re notoriously difficult to solve. Only about 13% of burglaries get cleared by the police. Recovery of stolen possessions is even less likely to happen.

Traditionally, homes use a standard lock and key method. But the truth is, this is unreliable. The house key is the second easiest item to lose. There are some methods to make your home safer and key easier to lose. For example, you can hide your key about 20 feet away from your front door and in an inconvenient location to make it difficult for a potential thief to find it. However, this is still not the best solution.

High security locks are an emerging market that allow keyless entry to your home. High security locks have a large variety. Many are computer controlled and can be unlocked using smartphone apps. Others use electronic cards or keyfobs to allow entry — the benefit of these is that you can deactivate users at your will if somebody loses your trust or misplaces their card. Intercoms have also begun to rise to prominence, allowing communication from room to room (or inside to outside) without physical contact.

One of the other prominent features of high security locks is that they use codes. Rather than having a physical key, a code is used to enter the home. This is one of the more secure ways to enter your home, as only you and a select group of people you trust have access to your home. It also eliminates the need for an easily lost key or card, which can fall into the wrong hands and give anybody access to your home.

Especially in urban and city areas such as Queens, knowing a good locksmith and investing in high security for your home can save you money down the line and give you peace of mind.

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