Electronics Locksmith Queens

You always want to make sure that you can rely on your electronics at all times. Leave it to All Queens Locksmith to provide the best installations.

Not only is technology more and more essential to businesses, but it’s become integrated into our daily lives. Our local Queens locksmith service company will have all of the electronic solutions you need.


Because we have a team of highly trained technicians, we can easily meet all of your needs for your residential or commercial building. Rely on All Queens Locksmith to install everything from fire alarms to intercom systems for you.

Our Services

Access Control


Many of the existing access control systems rely on the use of number pads to enter codes, electronic swipe cards and sometimes a combination of the two. More advanced systems use biometric triggers such as fingerprints and even retina-scanners. All of these systems use computer controlled management systems that allow the business owner to quickly cancel the access to an area or the business as a whole to employees who are being dismissed or who have left on their own. These same systems are used to prevent visitors to your place of business or customers from getting access to areas that are off-limits.

Card or Key-fob Access


These types of systems allow entry into a building with an electronic card or key fob. They’re secure and built with flexibility in mind, so it’s always easy to make changes if needed. This includes deactivating certain users from entering the building. Let our local Queens locksmith service install one of these revolutionary systems for you.

Buzzer System


We understand that your business might need a high level of security with regards to both customers and employees. In addition, it’s sometimes too inconvenient to have always someone there to open certain doors. That’s why our local Queens locksmith service recommends our buzzer systems, which require verification before someone can walk through the door.

Telephone Access System


Although telephone access systems have existed for years, they’ve become even more convenient and affordable with modern technology. Anyone trying to enter the building will have to use a phone to contact the person in charge of the door’s locking mechanism, only having access granted once they’ve been verified. Our local locksmith service is skilled in installing these for both Queens residential apartments and commercial buildings.

Intercom Systems


Intercoms make it a lot easier to run your business because they’re a simple system to use when you need to contact an employee to meet you right away. Have our local locksmith service install one for your Queens building and see what a difference it makes!

Closed Circuit TV

These systems are one of the best ways to protect your home or business. They record everyone entering and exiting your building from all possible doors, so you can refer back to the tapes when you sense some suspicious activity. Relying on our local Queens locksmith service for an installation will give you the peace of mind you need.

Burglar/Fire Alarms


No building is truly protected without a burglar and fire alarm. Even if you’ve taken every other safety precaution with new locks, windows and doors, your home or business isn’t completely secure without these alarms. They’ll alert you if someone is trying to break in or a fire occurs in your home; most importantly, they’ll alert authorities to come protect you in your home. As a local locksmith service in Queens, we believe that burglar and fire alarms are an absolute necessity.

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