Easy Home Safety Tips to Deter Burglars From Your Home

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Easy Home Safety Tips to Deter Burglars From Your Home

Unfortunately, home burglaries are all too common. The U.S. leads the world in most frequent occurrences of burglaries, with about four burglaries happening every minute nationwide. In order to protect your home from an intruder, here are some security tools to invest in and safety tips to abide by.

Keep your valuables in your child’s nightstand
Typically, burglars will scour the master bedroom for valuables and cash. But they rarely ever go into other bedrooms, so put your valuables in a place where they are least likely to be touched.

Install your security keypad in an area that is not visible from your doorstep
Consider this if you have any decorative glass or windows near your keypad. This way, intruders won’t be able to see if the alarm is set or not.

Remove your mail slot
A mail slot installed on your front door leaves it incredibly vulnerable. It goes against the wood grain of the door, which weakens the horizontal integrity of the door and makes it easier to kick in. Plus, if your alarm is located near the door, this slot can give the robber an easy point of entry to dismantle the alarm with a stick or long object.

Have your neighbors check your home when you are on vacation
Have your neighbors check daily for flyers placed on your home. Some burglars have been known to leave ads on the doors to see how long it takes for the homeowners to remove them. They are looking for a lack of activity, so have your neighbor be on alert with mail and newspapers as well.

Do not allow workers in your home to go to the bathroom
Some home workers have been known to enter a home innocuously during the daytime, under the pretense of using the bathroom, then unlatch windows to provide easy access during the night. So if you do allow them in your home, make sure to double check every window and home lock you have.

Change your home lock as soon as a key goes missing
This is especially important if a neighbor has misplaced your spare key, or if your key has gone missing from its hiding spot. Do not take any chances; call a locksmith right away to replace your locks.

Practice these habits to ensure a safe and happy home!

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