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Lock problems can strike at the most troubling times, so choose us to have local locksmith services completed in a timely manner for your Queens building.


We’ve been serving our community for over 3 decades and place the utmost importance on our customers’ happiness. Whenever they have an emergency, they call us because we have the fastest local locksmith Queens services. If you need any kind of help with getting into your office or have to upgrade your security measures, we’re here to assist.

Our Services

Panic Exit Hardware


Besides just connecting an alarm to the local police and fire departments, exit signs are needed to point out alternative ways to leave the building in the case of an emergency. Our local locksmith services will set up these emergency exit signs so your employees and customers can easily exit the Queens building in a disaster.

Access Control


Your company might have “staff only” areas, as well as rooms that are for only certain members of your staff. In addition, you may have a section of your building for high value products. Implementing greater security in these areas, whether it’s through local locksmith services or a card key system, is easy when you choose All Queens Locksmith.

High Security Locks


If your business sells irreplaceable or expensive items, high security locks are an absolute necessity. Sometimes electronic access systems can be costly, so our local Queens locksmith services offers high-security locks for both exterior and interior doors as an alternative. We have many models that are resistant to both lock picks and drills, offering you the best peace of mind.

Interchangeable Cores


Just like regular links, interchangeable core locks require a key to lock or unlock them. What sets them apart is that if you need to replace the majority of the locks in your building and want them to use the same lock, you won’t have to replace every single one. They allow you to have a second key to remove the core locking cylinder from the lock itself. This can be then replaced with one designed for a new key. We regularly install interchangeable cores as part of our local locksmith services because of how efficient they are in updating the Queens workplace.

Door Closers


Many buildings have so much foot traffic that it’s difficult to keep track of ensuring that the doors are closed. If a door is left open, it can make your building more vulnerable to theft and lead to higher bills, as it makes the location more difficult to heat or cool. We include door closers as part of our local Queens locksmith services because of their convenience. They’ll automatically close a door after it’s opened and then keep it closed.


Commercial Doors


Since All Queens Locksmith has been established, we’ve offered exceptional commercial doors in many different styles to our clients. We can even special order doors in case our extensive stock doesn’t include what you have in mind. Moreover, our local locksmith services Queens include full installation of the door and door frame. Our technicians will also provide the hardware needed for your door knobs and keys for all different security levels.

Commercial Intercom Systems


Intercom systems are simple to install throughout an entire building and continue to be an easy way to alert someone who could be away from their desk or office. That’s because commercial intercom systems tend to include loud speaker components that broadcast your message throughout the building. Let us install one for you.

Commercial Safe


Instead of being constructed with a typical knob to select the combination, modern commercial safes include an electronic keypad that can be easily reprogrammed if needed. Take advantage of our local locksmith services to give your Queens business the greatest security.

Closed Circuit TV


We can install modern CCTTV systems that are made up of discrete, wireless mini cameras. These can easily be disguised as normal building fixtures, such as lights and alarms. No one would be able to detect that a camera has been installed unless they are meticulously examining their surroundings. Besides our local Queens locksmith services, we’d be more than happy to install a CCTV system for you.

Commercial Burglar/Fire Alarms

Protect your employees and customers with burglar and fire alarms that will alert the proper authorities as soon as a disaster occurs. These are a complete necessity in any commercial building! Trust in All Queens Locksmith to bring the best quality local locksmith services and alarms to you.

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