5 Things Your Burglar Does Not Want You to Know


5 Things Your Burglar Does Not Want You to Know

Everyone fears burglaries, but home invasions are every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Your home is supposed to be a sacred space, and after a robbery many people feel violated for months after the fact.

The threat of having a stranger break into your home and compromise your safety is genuinely terrifying. There’s a good reason these kinds of home invasions are a universal fear. Sadly, burglaries are all too common in the United States. Our country leads the world in amount of burglaries, and nationwide there is one every 15 seconds. Even scarier, the Bureau of Justice states that a household member was home in 28% of these burglaries, with a household member citing violent injuries in another 7%.

Worse still, burglaries are notoriously hard to solve as only about 13% are ever cleared by the police, and the recovery of victim’s property almost never happens. Can you imagine if only 13% of homicides were solved? What’s the point in knowing all these grim statistics? When you add the numbers up, it’s clear that prevention is the best strategy.

In order to prevent a burglar from gaining entry into your home, here are five things your future burglar doesn’t want you to know.

1. Your burglar has already been to your house. They repaired your furnace, checked your water meter, delivered furniture, or recently installed that new tile floor. Burglars are known to work in the service industry so they can more easily “case” your home. While they’re going about their work, they see if you have any valuables worth their while.

2. On that note, make sure to check the windows after you let a repairman go to the bathroom. If they are looking to rob, they have been known to unlock the window gates for easier access during the night.

3. Expensive items outside — think elaborate kid playgrounds or water features — can be a hint that your home is full of valuables. If you choose to have these things outside, make sure to keep them in the backyard where they cannot be seen clearly.

4. Make it seem like you are home while you are on vacation. This means having your neighbor pick up the newspaper and mail, and having lights on timers so your home isn’t always dark. Another good trick is to have your neighbors move your cars around (if you have multiple), so a robber won’t notice that they are in the same position every time they check. The goal is to have your home look like it is lived in at all times.

5. Keep your keys secure! This means not keeping it in the same hiding place year after year. When you do have a broken key or lock, contact a professional locksmith right away to ensure the safety of your family.

With these tips in mind, your family and home can stay safe and sound.

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