3 Tips on How to Avoid a Locksmith Scam

3 Tips on How to Avoid a Locksmith Scam

3 Tips on How to Avoid a Locksmith Scam

When seeking help of a locksmith in Queens, many people assume that a safe and reliable place to start is the Google’s local listings. Unfortunately, there are locksmith scammers that target home and vehicle owners when they are most vulnerable. In fact, there are many cons with high ranking websites that feature in the listings of most locksmith searches. And, if you are not careful, you will fall prey to such cons when looking for immediate or emergency locksmith service in Queens. To avoid hiring an unskilled technician or a thief to fix the problem of your locking system, follow these three tips.

  1. Hire a local locksmith

One of the best ways to hire an honest and legitimate locksmith is to ensure that the technician that you work with is a local expert. Therefore, call the technician and ask questions that will prove they are local. What’s more, take time to check out their reviews online. However, be careful because some scammers post fake reviews.

Additionally, make sure that the technician states the name of their business clearly when answering your phone call. Also double-check their validity in the local address as listed on Google to ensure that there is no other business that operates at the stated address. If possible, drive to that location just to confirm the true location and identity of the business.

  1. Check the licensure and ID of the locksmith

Upon arrival, ask the locksmith to provide identification documents as well as their locksmith license. A legitimate locksmith in Queens will ask you to produce your identification too. This enables them to verify that you are the true owner of the property or vehicle that you want them to unlock. If the locksmith shows up with an unmarked vehicle or a vehicle that advertises a different business, take caution. Basically, a legit locksmith will show up in uniform and driving a vehicle that is clearly branded or marked with the name of their company. They will also be properly equipped to fix the problem efficiently and professionally.

  1. Get a cost estimate

A scammer will provide a low-bait price to draw you in then charge you an exorbitantly high price after completing the job. Therefore, before you agree to hire a technician to repair the problem of your locking system, ask them to provide a cost estimate in advance. On average, the service of a locksmith costs a minimum of $60. If a technician charges you $15, be cautious because that is most likely a scam. A technician that charges you that fee is simply asking you to pay them so that they can shop at your property.

Essentially, work with a technician that provides an estimate that can cater for their tools, continued training, transportation, and licensing costs. No reputable or skilled locksmith can charge $15 to provide a quality service and continue to run their business. If a locksmith refuses to give you an estimate, don’t hire them.

Generally, every vehicle or property owner is afraid of being a victim of scammers when hiring a locksmith in Queens. Follow these tips when hiring a technician to fix your problem and avoid a locksmith scam.



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